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Friday, October 11, 2013

(I keep wavering between Three and) Four Invincible Principles of Absurd-Degree Sincerity

You know, all day long I do my usual thing - a jarring mix of the Utterly Absurd (and no way to take it otherwise) and the Utterly Sincere (and no real way to dispute the denotative content of the sentiments advanced, which are generally obvious goods and needs), with very few sentences or statements hitting in the middle of either of those two poles. If I go spoken word, tone of voice keeps everyone on top of the mix without much if any confusion. There's no tone of voice in written word, but I believe I do as strong if not a stronger job of making it plain in writing which statement is Absurd, and which statement is Sincere.

But in case anyone ever has a doubt, these principles are mine:

1. Assume a commonality of interest.
2. Believe the other person may be sincere.
3. Accept that the least objectionable motive or interpretation may be the actual motive or interpretation.
4. Ask sincere questions only.

A sincere question is one where you are willing to hear more than your own answer.

The above are purely my own principles. They are not virtue but pure personal preference, own comfort zone, not for pushing on others. Still, if anyone is ever in any doubt as to whether or what I mean - on anything, anything at all that I've said, stated, asked - I'm always happy to take ANY question. Quote the questionable part and ask, and let the above four points ground your attitude soundly in where I'm at, where I'm coming from, and where I will be answering you from.

You do the world and yourself a favor when you assume the possibility of the best. Cynicism: if it doesn't kill you, it will make you very weak. Worse, your cynicism, which is your assumption that ill-earnest is the norm, is also your blessing upon every single individual who lives and acts in ill-earnest. Hypocrites, the insincere, the corrupt - each of these is positively thrilled that chumps like you, self-congratulatory cynics, all go your jaded, superior "can't fool me" way calling corruption, hypocrisy, and insincerity the norm.

Your cynicism does nothing to protect you from the corrupt, the hypocritical, the insincere. It does however excuse their attitudes and acts.

Consider whether I am naive, when I say this.


Jen said...

I think your sincerity and assumption of goodwill are the things that keep drawing me back to put up with ... I mean enjoy ... this blog, the reading of which is like looking for gold nuggets in a mine field. And I mean that as a compliment.

dogimo said...

Thank you Jen!

Bear in mind, most of the mines in the field fall under the 'absurd' category rather than the 'sincere.'

But the point of drawing the distinction is, I can always tell which is which if there's a doubt!

dogimo said...

I don't mean I can tell. I mean if asked, I can tell.