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Friday, November 22, 2013

Heavily Customized, this Open Letter could be very suitable for many purposes!

Dear public SERVANT:

That's right. You serve ME. GET IT? You were { ELECTED / APPOINTED } to serve me, to represent my interest and that of my fellow { DISTRICT / GROUP / WHATEVER }! There may not always be agreement as to what that best interest is, but your sworn duty is to do your best to see it, to serve it and to uphold it!

So I'd love for you to tell me just where you get off with this { LATEST OUTRAGE SPECIFIED }. Are you or are you not aware that government's ONLY just authority derives from the consent of the governed? Did you never know that in a free society - in a society where LIBERTY is - libery demands that government can make no act of prohibition, confiscation or compulsion except where government can show compelling cause for the necessity of that act? And what about the necessity of your act? What cause can you show? What is your justification for this { LATEST OUTRAGE SPECIFIED }? YEAHHH! BULL STUFF! You have none! You're just { lining your pockets / kow-towing to pet causes & special interests / "showing your ass" / other }! Or if not, then what's your explanation? YEAAHHH SURE. Bull stuff.

You make me { SICK / disappointed }.

I long for the days when a public servant could stand up proud to do their due diligence dutifully and fulfill their charge to the best of their ability on behalf of those in whose name they have been entrusted with authority. When humility and excellence were the bywords of government. Those days NEVER EXISTED. But someday maybe they could exist. I have hope for that.

You shit all over my hope, { sir / ma'am / recipient's first name / OTHER (such as PAL or BUD) }


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