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Friday, March 21, 2014

Wait. Do I Know You?

Fear not. The air is, and was, clear. Such doubts as I've had have never been about matters of substance, grievance, or complaint - only the usual doubts of whether and to what degree a person who I've met (or never met, in theory!), especially one whom I regard highly, knows me - and therefore, whether and to what degree their like or their love can truly be "of me."

That's clear enough. I don't say one can only love the known, but the love of one not known is surely of a different character than a love of one known. I'm not trying to be existential, here. Epistemology - as regards the so-called nature of reality, I mean. As regards the possibility of "knowledge." It's a topic of pure trivia and whimsy! One which can never increase one's grasp of anything useful or tangible. Good for amusement, of course! Otherwise puerile, sophomoric, inutile.

Epistemology, solely as it relates to human beings, is in fact a vital and urgent question.

Do we know each other?

How do we know each other?

How do we know we know each other?

How well do we know each other?


Unknown said...

Hey! Just recently found out about this blog. I like it. Is there a way that you could install one of them, email-notification thingies? Like, whenever you make a new post, it gets sent to my email so I can just read it from there? Consider this, please.

dogimo said...

Well I was about to say "I don't know how!" - but turned out to be easy. Funny, they didn't have that last time I checked.

The "Follow by email" thingy is right under the "feeeeed meee" RSS feed follow-thingy, on the right-hand sidebar! Thanks for the suggestion, Annika.