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Thursday, April 03, 2014

A Stray Thought On That Last Post: "Neil Finn?"

Wouldn't that be funny if there were no such guy and I had just made the whole thing up?! Wow.

Wow. Actually. If there were no such guy...I would be coming out with a shitload of albums of his, stat. Because, you know, nobody else would have even ever heard of him, and I can still remember every one of those songs! But how sad would it be? He's a sweetie! I shook his hand once, and he made me look real good in front of my then-girlfriend.

He's a little on the short side, five-three I think.

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Mel said...

You shook his hand!?



One day I’ll get the chance to tell you the story of how Neil Finn once acknowledged in front of thousands of people my valiant and successful attempt to make it to the stage past burly security guards. Also, there’s the time my sister won this random radio competition and it turns out it was free tickets to a Tim gig and a meet and greet and he was quite nice and I had my photo taken with him. Good times.