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Friday, April 11, 2014

Miley Cyrus Does The Unthinkable In A Bikini Pt.4!

So. What's the fucking problem then? Since I seem to have so big a problem with it!

Look, buddy. To dehumanize any person is to dehumanize yourself. To strip one person of their essential dignity is to strip yourself of dignity. And that's not even getting into crimes. In all likelihood, such acts are not crimes! You know very well how many horrible, horrible things fall within the law that you could do to discomfit, humiliate, wound and destroy another human being. Probably, you don't do them. Probably the reason you don't do them is because you know cruelty and contempt are wrong. Even where they are legal, they are wrong. When you see a society steeped in cruelty and contempt, when you see a cruel and contemptible trend, is there some reason you do not speak out? Is there some reason we do not rise up in indignation, as what I've called the "intrusion industry" feeds off our passive demand and drives all the air out of the little bit of room life needs, just to be able to breathe? Even out in the open, a person needs to be given a little bit of room to breathe in!

And even if you're not a celebrity, you should be appalled at how perfectly happy we seem to be watching all that's being done to human life, and to human lives. The public sanctions the intrusion industry as it takes each human life it can get its hands on and slights, slices, shrinks, humiliates, belittles, dips in chocolate, gobbles up, digests, shits out and shits on, and if possible, if it can possibly be arranged, strips it utterly buck fucking naked and pornographs it as thoroughly as possible. For us. Every human life it can possibly lay its hands on, for money. Every human life it can possibly raise the slightest interest in, from you! Or if you don't happen to be interested in that particular human life, anyone else's interest will do. We're happy to cluck and tut tut as it sinks us so low. Because oh, we would never presume to rise above our station, we would never presume to tell others what's wrong or what to do, we'd never raise understandable protest over it, as if it were we who could say what's right, and what is wrong.

And would you care to drag out the old and standard justification? That celebrities get no ordinary human dignity or regard, because whether it's now or just once long ago, they made money off being in a spotlight? I wonder if you've noticed how easily a person can be snatched up by a spotlight, lately. Just by being caught in the right spotlight. You don't have to do anything spectacularly right, or even very wrong! You just need that one right (or very wrong) moment, where suddenly the spotlight settled, and you were of interest. You don't have to make a cent off it, anymore. Stripped and thrown to the ravening crowd.

I'm not saying it's wrong to do whatever unthinkable thing Miley Cyrus has done in a bikini. I'm not saying it's wrong for Miley, and I'm not saying it's wrong for you. I'm even not saying it's wrong to get the unthinkable thing on camera! I'm saying it's wrong to make a mass practice of feeding off and encouraging the glorification of the trivial and the deification of the unthinkable. It's wrong we encourage all those within leaping distance of the camera's range to leap, to go ahead! Do something unthinkable! Because if once you catch our eye, you've signed the release! And we'll feel free to feed off you for life. Or at least, until that sweet and dirty little human life of yours is all sucked out.

Please, by all means, however young or old you are, however fit, fat, fucked-up or tragically crippled: do the unthinkable. In a bikini. We need your meat, fresh and nubile or un-cut and aging most shamefully, to keep feeding this vicious demand.

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