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Friday, April 18, 2014

US Ambassador: Antisemitic Flyers "Chilling"

~ Another in the ongoing hard-hitting unvestigative journalism series: "Ripped Off A Headline" ~ Wherein we here at Consider Your Ass Kicked! snatch a headline right from the very headlines and write an article to go with it without so much as a glance at the actual article. ~

OK, I tried to write an article about this but it wasn't really coming to me. I read that headline like ten times, trying to figure out what it meant! It was the quotation marks, I think. I could only read it as the colloquial use of "chilling." Like the US Ambassador was like, oh, those two amateur pilots whose swastika-blazoned plane was impounded this morning? Yeah, they'll get their rights in the matter. We've got 'em in custody but they're comfortable. They're hanging out in the rec room, playing pool sipping coffee. "Chilling."

You know?

Anyway, this was a TV headline with the sound off at the breakfast counter, so they kind of messed me up on the core "Ripped Off A Headline" concept. I couldn't help but glean a gleam of the real context. Apparently they mean paper flyers. Like leaflets. Which could also for that matter, be made into paper airplanes! Leave that aside. Point is, the US Ambassador (not pictured) was referring to the nazi-like anti-jew content of the leaflets being circulated. This was what was "chilling." Once again, the Ukraine.

You know, for all my life for decades plus I've heard these fucks in Germany, France, Russia, every European area you could ask for and they all talk this big game about what a fluke Hitler was. It's a load of bull's shit! All those European fucks are a bunch of jew-hating jew-haters! I knew it! We all knew it! Who were they trying to kid? Come on.

It's plain as hell these people are all sitting over there in their countries, talking about their traditions, their languages, all quaint and shit like it's harmless. Meanwhile, in their hearts and minds they stoke the fires and prepare the next holocaust! THIS time will you stand by and say nothing, world? THIS time will you stand by, say nothing?

Please note: like anything else, not everybody is going to be who it applies to. Any given country is not a fucking monolith OK? Please don't be stupid about the obvious. Sure, plenty of the people who have been protesting so much about how non-antisemitic their fucking country was, plenty of these were legitimately naïve and ignorant of the deep sentiment around them, up to their fucking ears in most cases. They probably didn't talk about it much, never raise the topic - the other people weren't talking about it, so these naïve souls were like "WHAT antisemitism!? Not in my town, there isn't any! People haff not so ever much ass introdoosed ze topic!" Just like in America, see, the bigots can generally sense who of us is like, really anti-bigot and they don't pal with those guys. They have a feel for who has the stick up their ass over human righteous issues. So that person is going to be somewhat bigot-shunned. They are the last person to have the topic raised in their presence! Because that's a surefire bigotry buzzkill, they don't want to get into it with that guy. Waste of time anyway! You'll never convince him.

But meanwhile, if he's on the oblivious side ("if!"), he's probably walking around all indignant, "People keep saying racism abounds, well god damn it I haven't seen any! I say we've made great progress!" It's understandable. Who needs colorblind when you've got blinders on? But like I said, even in America where we speak pretty damn free on topics, that still happens and people may still be ignorant of the bigotry. Let alone in Europe, where the problem is far, far worse. Culturally. Ethnically. In all ways.

So leaven the yeasty dough of the initial seeming accusations of hypocrisy and monolithicism of jew-hating among Europeans up there with this bland, self-evident caveat: not every European longstanding loud-voiced denier of antisemitics is a liar and a hypocrite. Or even an under-rug-sweeper! Not necessarily. Some of them are just legitimately ignorant of what's going on blatantly all around them. So it is you, you the ignorant ones, you the oblivious, to whom I must ask now: now that the lid's blown off on this thing, you still in denial or what? Because it's not going to just stop at flyers! And when it starts gearing up again for real, for business, THIS time will you stand by? And do nothing? THIS time will you stand by? Tip: Hint: don't.

Here in the U.S.A. we fucking love jews. Can't fucking happen here. Should Jews be capitalized? Sometimes I like to lowercase all lesser groups because: Homo Sapiens Sapiens, motherfuckers!

I try to put that priority out there, you know. Meaning no offense all ye christians, islamists, et cetera, jews, et cetera, libertarians. Atheists. It's not a hard, fast rule or anything, and I'm hardly consistent about it because it's more a file under who gives a shit? But it's a nice gesture when it occurs to me. When I think about it I do like to lowercase the groups. It makes a certain subtle point.


drunkinterneting said...

I read this the other day that was mildly enlightening:

When I heard about the Ukrainian leaflets, my first thought was that the antisemitism and overt racism of that region had finally come into the spotlight. When I started looking into it, though, I got the impression those leaflets were part of a scam. The leaflet I saw was soliciting American dollars in a region that is trying to separate itself from America and Western Europe. It just struck me as odd. I find it even stranger that nobody has claimed responsibility. Antisemitism is not an unpopular sentiment in Eurasia, and if it were legitimate, I'd think there would be a group not only claiming credit but boasting about it.

dogimo said...

Soliciting American dollars? Weird.

I haven't looked into it yet (not unusual for this article series), but your theory wouldn't surprise me. Anonymous pamphlets and tracts have a long history of being used disingenuously.

You know, you'd think it bad enough when people put out nasty propaganda that they sincerely believe! Racism shouldn't have ulterior motives, damn it.