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Monday, September 22, 2014

Hope for the future #1: Racism.

Racists are cowards, and can only survive cowering under cover huddling and whispering with people they already know share their bullshit views. They gain very few converts there.

Every generation racists raise more children embarrassed of their parents. And then they die. The battle for hearts and minds is not won in the invisible dark. It is won in the light, incrementally, over lifetimes, over centuries.

It needs patience, but ultimately this: only truth can withstand the light of human reason.


-blessed holy socks, the non-perishable-zealot said...

We make a perfectly cognizant, fully-spectacular, Son-ripened-Heaven… yet, I’m not sure if we're on the same page if you saw what I saw. Greetings, earthling. Because I was an actual NDE on the outskirts of the Great Beyond at 15 yet wasn’t allowed in GRRR lemme share with you what I actually know Seventh-Heaven’s Big-Bang’s gonna be like: meet this advanced, bombastic, ex-mortal Upstairs for the most extra-groovy-paradox, pleasure-beyond-measure, Yummy-Reality-Addiction in the Great Beyond for a BIG-ol, kick-ass, party-hardy, robust-N-risqué, eternal-warp-drive you DO NOT wanna miss the sink-your-teeth-in-the-rrrock’nNsmmmokin’-hot-deal. Cya soon…

dogimo said...

Hello, Dr. Flat the Roamin' Cat if I may call you that!

No, I believe you are correct we apparently are not on the same page! That's okay, it's a good book I believe, and a big one. One could easily get lost in it forever! At any event, always good in my experience to make the acquaintance of a fellow homo sapiens sapiens.

I'm happy to consider afterlife planning and management in better hands than mine. Mind you, I have all confidence in the events coordinator vis-à-vis the afterparty! But in my considered view the party happens to come first - and why not?

After all, here it is.