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Thursday, October 02, 2014

What's Your Meyers-Briggs Personality Type?


This reminds me of when I was a child, and me and my brothers were playing with a tape recorder. It was sort of a television show where it was being made up as you go using action figures (or as we called them, "figgers") for the principals. There was Bending Legs (that was his name - the Fischer Price Adventure People motorcyclist guy. The only one of all the Fischer Price Adventure People who had, you guessed it, bending legs) in the lead role of "Hero," there was Ben Kenobi in the role of his mentor, "Mentor," and of course the obligatory comic-relief action sidekick: Mr. T, as "Clockwatch."

I remember the key scene, Hero is unconscious in a burning building, and as he begins to stir, to come to, we hear Mentor's disembodied voice..."The Power, Hero...use THE POWER, Hero...!" And then Hero is like "...something...that's IT! That's got to be the key - QUICK! THE POWER! BOOOOOP - YEEE HAW!"

Apparently when he says aloud, "BOOOOP - YEEEE HAW!" he goes flying through the air. "The Power." Anyway, then the THEME SONG plays: "Hee-ro! Hee-ro! When danger is near! Far I go!"

Did I already tell this story?


Mel said...


dogimo said...

So what's that make us?

Jen said...

"When danger is near, Far I go!"


"Brave Sir Robin ran away/Bravely ran away away/When danger reared its ugly head/He bravely turned his tail and fled/Brave, brave, brave, brave Sir Robin"

I'm INFP. But I socialize like an NT.

dogimo said...

I don't think that's where my brother got it from. He was like, 7 years old when that thing came out. I suppose it's possible!

I don't think we ever heard of Monty Python until MTV started playing them late at night.

I'm an ENFJ but I socialize like an ENMFJ.