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Friday, June 30, 2017

Considering Surgery? Some Questions You Haven't Considered, Maybe

Because the surgery is localized within the area of your body, it leaves you with some options. I'd suggest visit your practitioner's clinic first, before committing to anything definite. Does the waiting area have acceptable feng shui? What if it doesn't? Can you trust yourself to tell? Rub the affected area with essential oils. Then check the feng shui again: better? Sometimes multiple applications are necessary before a badly feng-shui'd area can really be brought up to standards. Once you're satisfied on that score, question your doctor on personal medical issues. Is he or she forthcoming? If so, you can lay back and trust yourself to the best modern science, equipment and tender gentle care has to offer - for a price.

That still leaves you with some nagging questions: when are you going to do the dishes? Are you ever going to call? Why haven't you shaved lately, I don't like it! Sometimes the best answer to questions like these is patience, and maybe an "awe shucks" attitude. People ask because they care. Good news is: you'll have plenty of time to ponder it all out during your long, luxurious recovery. You don't have time for a long recovery, you say?

A better question might be: can you afford not to. If you want that pain to go away, recovery is the price you pay.

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