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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

How Gay Are Various Countries?

United States of America: pretty gay.

Canada: gay to middling.

England: rather gay.

Ireland: gay as angels' legs.

Scotland: more gay than you'd think, maybe!

Russia: taciturn, but gay.

Australia: gay enough.

France: Paree: tres gay. Remainder: less gay. Comparatively.

Germany: the polka.

Mexico: muy gay, but generally not muy muy gay.

China: so gay.


VEG said...

I'd argue about this but nope. You nailed it. :) As a Scot I confirm. Our national animal IS the unicorn. For real. I wish I was kidding. Look it up.

dogimo said...

Why thank you! I was working on intuition for a few of these. For instance, never been to China. But I felt like I'd done my internet research pretty good.