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Friday, May 10, 2019

Reality TV Pitch: Junk Watch

Things of value may be building up inside your home!

Our hosts - Carnie Ewell, former ex-U.S. Olympic Gymnast and Jim Kimcoolenan, ex-survival expert, former consultant to the rock band, Queen, show up! Knock on your door! And come inside to argue about your belonging.

Later when you return home, you find an envelope - inside, your invitation to tune in and watch, as home viewers place smart bids all through your house, debate with Jim and Carnie on authenticity and value, watch your own reaction shots to it all and try to figure out where the cameras are! At the end, Jim and Carnie invite YOU to open up the SECRET ENVELOPE - it's in the other, stamped "Secret Envelope: Do Not Open - YET" - containing a sheet of smart paper updated instantly with their live instructions, assessment and advice! Which bids should you accept? Which should you refuse?

When opportunity knocks, the call's all yours - sell high or stand firm! What treasures will YOU keep? Which junk will you offload on the dupes and rubes? Junk Watch knows - and you do too. Only if you tune in and watch!

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