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Tuesday, February 04, 2020

Thought of the Big Day

If it's a coronation when the crown is bestowed up your regal and waiting brow, would it be a moronation when it's a dunce cap?


VEG said...

Yes. Yes it would.

I'm an expert at moronations. Although, I tend to see dunce caps more as a "wizard in training" type of deal...

dogimo said...


Yes, should be shouldn't they? A white cone to start with, it fills in with eldritch scrawl and color out of the awfulverse. It takes poise and ease and grace and panache to align that cosmic slop to some aimed intent.

Mostly, being a wizard is an attitude-mastery.

I think

VEG said...

Agreed, it's a psychological talent, wizarding yourself into a state of fantastic-ness. So what if no one else sees it? YOU KNOW.

dogimo said...

EXACTLY. It's like a guiding non-word-based mantra. A sort of hyperreal self-consciously fictive rôle - you act from it, it informs your slant and angle in ways no one suspects or expects! Except those you've confessed it to. Who are apt to spot it, "HEY! QUIT BEING A WIZARD!"

And then you kind of rear up in evident "confusion"/indignation, wtf-do-you-mean,-please? written on every line of your posture and mien!

Then they're the one who looks dumb. You look around at the bystanders like "Come on. Anybody else see me 'being a wizard?'" NOBODY

VEG said...

Alright, that made me guffaw happily. I aim to say that actual thing sometime this week. "Come on. Anybody else see me 'being a wizard?'" Haha.

I'm not even drinking or anything.

dogimo said...

Me either!

Well, I forgot what I was drinking and accidentally poured grape juice into my ice tea. But none of it's alcoholic, is the main thing.

Your conversational use of my bons mots (or mals mots) are fully endorsed.