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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Few Things You Might Not Notice About My Hidden Secret Poetry Blog

Okay. There's an unusual number of Valentine's Day themed poems on there. That stems from that Valentine's Day poetry contest I unsuccessfully entered a few years back. You can read about that elsewhere if you're interested.

A lot of the poems (especially a couple of the Valentine's Day poems) are pretty awful, but I'm not censoring them or taking stuff down. If a poem is bad, that's your fault for reading it. It was perfectly fine before you read it. It inhabited its own conceptual space: unread, unjudged, sufficient unto itself. The badness of it formed in your own mind, as you read. Therefore: blame yourself, you hypocritical solipsist!

Next. Um. Oh yes, the use of the term "pome" which occurs in some of the pomes is a deliberate stylistic quirk, I forget why. Also the reference to "ancient Chinese world" in the poem "Samurai!!" is not a mistake, but an attempt to underscore the stark displacement and alienation of the Samurai - alone yet uncompromised in a world not his own!

I don't really recommend reading "The Sea-Bird" on its own. I think it works much better as presented on this blog, with preamble and explanatory remarks. However, I couldn't bear to omit it from what is after all, my principle cornucopia of poetic sentiment.

What else. Oh yeah, the hidden secret poetry blog is (as I've said) hidden and secret. But I was mulling over the idea of clicking it over to public, hence this here commentary. So what do people think? Should I make that the topic of my next poll once the current one ends?

EDIT: Oh yeah. There is NO COMMENTING enabled on the hidden secret poetry blog. There's just no point to that. It just...the whole idea detracts. A poem should stand alone, uncommented-upon, at least right there where it is it should stand on its own. It's not like one of those restroom stall poems where it's traditional and expected to scrawl your rebuttal underneath. If you really want to comment on a poem, you can always do it here in the comments thread of this post.

EDIT2: Shoot, I totally forgot! My restroom-stall poem! I left it out. Totally spaced it. I guess should really put that on there, too, for the sake of completeness if not art. Wow, going way way back to the well!

I've been a poet a very, long time.


RJW said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dogimo said...


I'm going to have to wait for one other person to weigh in. I don't know which way to vote, so if I get one more "please" vote, I'll know I'm outnumbered regardless and can go forward with a CLEAN-ASS CONSCIENCE.

With some adjectives, "-ass" as an instensifier just doesn't work right.

Anonymous said...

Dude pleaze - don't keep us in supsense! Bring on the PEOMS! My hunch: you might just be the MAN to rescue the form form the whole fucked up glut of crap it's desended into since the days it was any good.

Remember when poetry was respected right up among all the arts? Now it's like, who cares about poetry?

You gotta be the one to care. You got to bring back the care.

Poem us big guy.

dogimo said...

OH OK THEN! If you put it like that.

Although - no offense, and I can't play the hypocrite seeing as I enabled anonymous comments, but there's something about an anonymous comment that makes me doubt its provenance if not its sincerity. I mean, this person could be anyone right?

But then I say, come on, it's probably just someone who doesn't want to go through the rigmarole of signing up for an account on blogger or openID or wherever else, just to put up a comment on some guy's blog.

I respect that.

dogimo said...

Alright! The vote is closed. Final tally:

2 in favor
1 undecided

The hidden secret poetry blog is now open for business. NO COMMENTING.

If you must, feel free to comment in this thread.

Jamie said...
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dogimo said...

Yes, works!

Haven't you been using links for a while in your blog though?

Jamie said...
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marie said...

You forget why? You forget why?!?!?!?!?! "Learn that POME!!!!"

dogimo said...

What's that from?

marie said...

Little Rascals

dogimo said...

It has an eerily familiar feel to it, but I've no conscious recollection of the episode.