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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Road Safety Corner #13: Whoa! Trippy

This is something I just noticed this morning: if you're driving at a good clip of speed, highway speeds, and you fix your eyes on a point about six, seven inches up the front windshield, instead of horizon-line eye level like you normally would, suddenly there's this whole effect like there is a point or line from which the road keeps lunging out at you!

You can still see, in an upper/peripheral sort of way, the road far ahead, but from down around where your focus is, there's just this point where you can't focus on it at all, where the road is suddenly too close for you to focus on as "the road" and it becomes instead a speeding, streaming visual barrage of pebble flecks and surface features - but since it's coming at you so fast, it ends up seeming like waves of road lunge. This patch of road - now this patch of road - now THIS patch of road - all keep...what it feels like, is that these patches of road are rising and surging at you in discrete sequence, rather than the smooth continuous flow you normally see when you're not focusing on the road immediately in front of the car.

Your eyes keep - catching each patch of road, and detaching as it slides under your car, and then they catch the next patch in a rapid, rippling, undulating succession. The perspective lines on the streaks of oncoming pebbles don't even seem to line up right to the surface! They're coming right at you! It's like you're in the Millenium Falcon or something, with road pebbles instead of stars. "Traveling through hyperspace ain't like dusting crops boy!"

I was getting real dizzy as my eyes kept bobbing up and bobbing up.

Anyway, don't do that. Road Safety Corner.

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