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Friday, November 06, 2009

I Just Gave Myself the Finger!

I'd just finished shaving, combing my hair, brushing my teeth, I'd gotten my clothes on and me all neat, I was looking into the mirror, giving myself that intense, psyched-up-for-the-day glare of approval, as usual, but then walking out of the frame - looking myself right in the eyes - I suddenly gave myself the finger!

I don't know how to interpret it!

On one level, I did it with a kind of a surge of badass bravado and defiance welling up in one impulsive act, but on the other hand, I was looking right into my own eyes as I did so, and I have to say, what I read there seemed...hostile.

Dog gone it. Like I needed this today! I have a huge day today - some major negotiations to close, I need to be on board and at one with me of all people! And to start off like this, on the wrong foot with myself - this is about the last thing I need.

Have to leave all that to sort out later I guess. Nothing for it. Nothing to do now but deep breath and plunge.


Eva Gallant said...

You are so toally insane...which is why I'm a follower!

Adelaide said...

Maybe some deep part of you suspected you might be giving someone else the finger today, and wanted to practice it in the mirror to make sure it looked okay.

dogimo said...

@Eva: "Don't rush to judgment on something like that, until all the facts are in." - Martin Blank

Man. I have to watch that movie again! You have to picture me saying it exactly how John Cusack says it.

@Adelaide: I think you nailed it? My subconscious seems to have been planning ahead. The very first conference call of the day - I did indeed give the guy the finger! Eerie.