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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Reader-Submitted FAQ #6: "How about it?"

In general, yeah: I'm up for it! Let's figure out the details. I'd like to hear a little more, maybe plan forward, see how and where it all fits into the various schedules floating around, obviously we can't go leaping into the nebulous. Unless we've got nothing better to do, of course - sometimes that can be fun! But yeah, let's unroll the blueprint, pick apart the specifics and lay out the trajectory of this ol' bitch because in general, when it comes to busting forth on a lark or a well-planned campaign, or whether it comes to letting the AAA map flap its way right out the open window (and figure out how to refold its damn self!) and shifting off-road at a moment's notice because a sudden better opportunity has presented itself, in general, I'd say I'm pretty much down. That's how I prefer it, in fact.

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Unknown said...

That's the way I like to do things, too. Hubby is a planner and list maker!

John Dantzer said...

That's wisdom.

dogimo said...

@Eva - it's good to have that balance and teamwork! Daredevil pilot and mapped-out navigator.

@jorg - Thanks! It's good to have the stamp of approval straight from the asker.