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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Reader-Submitted FAQ #7: "How's the weather there?"

It's quite cold for California! Thick rimes of frost in the morning coating the ice plant. Scraping of windshields necessary, if I plan to drive to work. I like the walk, though! Cold funneling into lungs through scarf-wrapped throat, then expelled vigorously in a futile attempt to make interesting steam-shapes!

In general, the weather here is temperate. The proximity of the Monterey Bay has a regulating influence in the summertime, keeping the nights from getting overly cool or the days too hot. Winters can be rainy, but the past several seasons have been mild. We never if ever get snow or much road ice, excepting the occasional - and deadly - black ice at the summit, on Highway 17 over the Santa Cruz Mountains into "Silicon Valley."

How's the weather where you are?

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Unknown said...

Check my blog for your answer!

dogimo said...

Hey now - these FAQ posts are going to stand for posterity! If you're going to answer with a referral, then you got to make sure you include a LINK so people can always see what you were talkin' bout! Otherwise, later readers will be like, aw man. I want to know what the weather was like on Eva's blog but I'm too lazy to search back through the posts!

Don't worry - I've got you covered on the link tip.

Wow. You've got it colder than me. Stay indoors and keep warm!

I've got to to get to work. I haven't decided whether to walk or drive.

Sarah said...

It's freaking cold here!

I love the Monterey aquarium.

I miss clear, cold California winter mornings.

JMH said...

It's cold, but unseasonably warm, which is to say not dangerously cold. I wouldn't sleep outside, but I'm pleased with today's weather being mostly above freezing and without strong winds.

Discounting agoraphobia, weather is a sort of unifying force, which is why I asked that question and will continue to do periodically.