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Friday, January 15, 2010

Kickass TV Show Ideas #...#...4? 4, I think. We'll Go With 4. "Ex-Isle"!


This is a 1-vs.-many setup. For the sake of clarity, plus to put you "in" to the concept a bit, I'm referring to the "one" part of that equation as YOU. Like most of these shows, it would alternate with a male "O", female "X"s one time, flip it the next. Maybe put a gay spinoff onto the gay channel if the show's a hit.

So. The premise.

You can just about guess the premise from the title (nice, right? - that's what you look for in a Reality Show!). Standard desert-island setup. All the contestants show up to the sumptuously appointed Ex-Isle Beach House (sumptuously-appointed, I say, but still sort of "primitive-as-can-be", ambience wise. Although there are fully-functioning bathrooms, showers etc - it's not a stankout!), with only their absolute favorite 10 CDs to listen to. Then the fun begins - it's like Survivor vs. The Bachelor/Bachlorette! Except instead of being stuck on a desert island surrounded by people who want to marry you, you're surrounded by people who used to want to marry you. Or at least, used to want to continue dating you for a while. What they want now is anyone's guess!

That's right! Everybody's in it with who knows what agenda! The game's host knows - each contestant has to specify what their goal going in is - and their reward will be based on that goal! Maybe some of the exes would truly love to try again, give it another shot. Maybe some of them would love to just screw up your LIFE and see you SUFFER! Maybe some are just in it for the money? A shot at that prize - would it surprise you? There could be a million motivations, but what they basically have to declare going in is: are they in it in good faith? Or baaaaaaaaad faith (cue distorted electric guitar noise)?

Each contestant has to "declare" as one of the following secret "true goal" options going in:

SCREW WITH YOU - this is the bad-faith "make your life miserable" option.
SCREW YOU - this is the good-faith "give it another chance" option. Could I possibly have put it a more vulgar way? Sorry folks. This is a trashy reality tv show premise.

Everyone's maneuvering to stick around the longest. There are challenges, eliminations, cooperation challenges, backstabbing - some of the exes might know each other's "true goal" (or be deceived into believing they do!). Some of the exes may form alliances, shifty or shifting.

As rounds pass and eliminations winnow the field, the final determination will come down to this! One million dollars at stake! If you end up picking someone whose "true goal" going in was to SCREW WITH YOU, then they win the cool million and you get JACK NIL!! HAHAHAH! YOU SAP! I can't believe you just went with the hottest one.

If you end up picking someone whose "true goal" is to give it another chance, to give the love you once had another honest shot (AKA to "SCREW YOU"), then the two of you split the million down the middle halfsies and are free to do...whatever you want. No strings attached. You will also be awarded a lifetime "shared" gift certificate for two at that season's featured Restaurant Sponsor (probably Chili's, Applebees, something like that). "Shared" means the two of you eat for free - for life, just so long as you eat together ("Dine-In" only). Good for the rest of your life, or 'til you're sick of each other, or 'til you're sick of Applebees I guess. Or Chili's. But who could get sick of Chili's? Preposterous!

BONUS TWIST!! There's an ultra-secret suspense option, that the audience and contestants will never know the truth about until the very end! If you go for that've changed the whole dynamic. Because you are actually able to pick a "true goal" going in as well. If you decide to be in "bad faith" - and you end up with a "bad faith" ex - you score the sudden-death reversal! You win all the money! Joke's on the ex! You were a scumbag all along! Enjoy your million, scumbag.

But in that scenario, if you end up with an ex whose faith is true, you get zilch. She gets it all. Virtue is rewarded.

No reality show has higher stakes than this setup right there. How about it?


dogimo said...

Game theorists will have an interesting observation or two about the good faith/bad faith choice implications...

limom said...

I like it.