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Monday, January 11, 2010

Out Of Post Ideas

Out of post ideas. Got any ideas you'd like me to take on? Stick 'em in the comments.

Keep it kind of brief, though, like: "The something-or-other crisis," or: "Science vs. whatever," or like that. None of this really detailed "Oooh! I want you to write a story about a unicorn stalking a wounded, pain-enraged killer bear in an attempt to save the nearby village of Elf Hollow, all written from the standpoint of a circling bluebird!" No thanks! You can write that one yourself!

What I'm getting at is, I prefer you leave it open-ended.

Also: it goes without saying, if your idea is used I will thank you in the comments queue, but not within the text of the post itself. You wouldn't want that anyway! It would mar the final product, putting in all these footnotes and claimers.



Mel said...

1) Fabric softener: does it really work? An investigative expose

2) Chrome, Smoke & BBQ: A comprehensive four-CD collection of recordings from the London and Warner Bros years is a track-by-track in-depth analysis of ZZ Top’s legacy in 80 installments.

dogimo said...

Thank you Mel, those sound great! I'd read them with ketchup and relish, but as something for me to write, the concept is a little too detailed. Just as stated, they seem not quite my stories to tell. I'm really looking more for bare ideas that can be taken any way, rather than an assignment.

However, taken to pared-back form, "fabric softener" and "ZZ Top" make a couple decent ideas! Or put 'em together! "Fabric Softener and ZZ Top: The Hidden Connection."

See that's why I need that leeway!

JMH said...

1) Thought/emotion progression upon waking up (from a nap? coma? blow to the head?).

2) Eight inch things - this is maybe more of a $25,000 Pyramid category.

dogimo said...

I like that #1! I think I've already exhausted the second one, though.

Sweet! I've got a sweet list going. Let's see:

1. Fabric softener
2. ZZ Top
3. Regaining consciousness
4. Other Eight Inch Things.

dogimo said...

Keep 'em coming peoples! :-D

Grant said...

Ready for it?


dogimo said...

Niiiice. That one's all ready for a fictional treatment.

Thanks, Grant!

Mel said...

Frequently Supplied Answers

dogimo said...

@everybody - Note, uh...despite today's big ball o' brag about how good my last two posts were...I'm definitely going to be using these still!

In fact...frankly, at the moment I'm once again out of ideas.

Man. I should have scheduled those last two posts a little further apart! Milked the heavy-hitters to stretch my laurels a bit, so to mix a metaphor.

But I'm not worried! Because right here in this comments thread I've got some DYNAMITE in hand! Just waiting for me to snip the fuse! And then light it. The part that's still attached, I mean - the snipping was just to make it a "short fuse."

So bottom line, thanks again, all!

And hey - what the hey, keep 'em coming. All favors are gratefully appreciated.