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Friday, January 15, 2010

Those Last Two Posts Rocked!


Just the other day I was all whining about some "out of ideas." And then I reel off a couple GEMS like that! One, two! The "Ex-Isle" reality show tv premise, and my Rap Personae Roll Call - these are top-notch, some of my two best posts! I mean - no, not some of my two best posts, more like, two of my...some best posts. Only a little less faint-praise than that. I don't want to blow my bugle too hard before the benefit of hindsight kicks in and and the full legacy of these two posts becomes fully apparent through the fully-ripened eyes of history, posterity, what have you. That would be premature.

Still, for the time being, on a provisional basis I set these two posts like trophies on the mantle, proud and shiny. My chest is all puffed out. I guess it just goes to show you!

And if it doesn't go to show you...I'll know the reason why. And on top of that, if it doesn't go to show you, I'll SHOW YOU SOME MORE.

Yes, feeling a bit brash lately. No more flu! Got a song in my heart and a guitar-pick in the top right "secret pocket" of my Levi's 505s. Fender medium, it says.

Fender medium. That's me. I am a Fender medium. I summon SPIRITS through that sweet pickin' lute o' mine!

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