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Monday, March 19, 2012

Tips on Coming Up With These "Tips" Posts

I just realized one of my own sweet methods can be reduced to writing! Sometimes, I get one of these sweet "Tips" posts (looking much like the previous post), by a means that looks a lot like this:

1. I do something.

2. I realize that what I just did is ridiculous.

3. I further realize, "hey, if I had had a subconscious motive or method for that - preferably an ulterior motive or method - what might that motive or method look like?"

4. Write a detailed post explaining the method, and lard it with compelling reasons and benefits for you to do the same ridiculous thing I just did for no reason. Include the word "Tips" in the title.

Now I must emphasize: SOMETIMES, not always!

I have never accidentally head-butted anyone in a meeting.


Sean Scully said...

This is good "list" material, Joe. Here is my own formula.

Item 1: Something conventional and expected.

2. Something else conventional and expected.

3. Something worded in an ambiguous manner which could be read as conventional and expected.

4. Something worded in a very naughty manner that appears to be conventional and expected but which is probably dirty.

5. Something worded in such a way that it clearly, but not explicitly, refers to poop or human genitalia.

6. An explicit genitalia and/or poop reference.

7. Something transgressive. Anything transgressive, really.

8. The second best joke you could come up with to give the audience a nice warmdown.

dogimo said...

Put it all together and, what does it spell...?