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Saturday, April 21, 2012


I've changed the page for "Nonspecific Comment On The Whole Blog" button to a NEW FEATURE:


It's self-explanatory, really!

But as I explain in the explanation, no question can ever be too hard or too personal for me. That doesn't mean I'll answer. I go strict on comfort zone on that, and no hesitation! But you'd be surprised at what I have no problem answering: a broad array of questions! Why, just in the past 48 hours, I've taken questions on:

* quantum theory of reality
* whether elections should be abolished, and people should just be forced to complete & file a ballot along with their taxes
* the development of sexual norms and mores over the course of the past 60 minutes of drinking (this was someone else asking - I wasn't really drinking! - well, champagne. OK: "Cava.")
* penis length
* what smoking REALLY MEANS
* pre-nuptial agreements: cui bono?
* pizza: is there any? Are they open?
* which is better: fried or scrambled?
* how do I like my coffee? (HINT: the answer was not what I expected!)


I pretty much take every question that comes. I find that answering a question is almost never a matter of saying what you already know. At least, for me it isn't. Something about the timing, or the asker or the way it's put, will almost always have you kind of...reassessing what you think. And maybe, coming to an answer fresh from a new direction! Maybe even, coming to a new answer entirely.

But a question never asked will never prompt that reassessment. Questions are very beneficial. A lot of people, I suspect they don't question their own self nearly as much as could help them. It only takes a little, from time to time! But a question from another can cue the process of self-examination even more powerfully than one's own idle wonderings.


Mel said...

Ha! This reminds me of when you requested some Frequently Asked Questions and someone started with something like "Joe, what the fuck?" and then I came in with, I think, "Joe, why the fuck?" and then someone said "Joe, who the fuck?" and then you supplied some fucking awesome answers to these questions.

Good times.

dogimo said...

Yeah, that was my FAQ. It's still in the sidebar!

Everybody's questions kind of made fun of it. Which was a lot of fun, but I was hoping to get some serious questions, too!

Wow, I still need to finish answering them. I never finished answering my FAQ. I ran up against the Christmas Spirit and just started crying.

Anyway. This Ask A Question, Get An Answer thing, I would hope is a better way to go. A better venue, for the standalone, isolated, ANY QUESTION that need not be frequently asked.