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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Quote of the Day: People Who Don't Fit In Make Me Stick Out.

"People who don't fit in make me stick out."


Pearl said...

Great. Now I'm gonna be thinking about THAT all afternoon.


dogimo said...

You know what Pearl, that 'innuendo' label was totally an afterthought. I should take that off! In retrospect it makes the whole thing seem forced for a cheap joke. When really it's my heart's cry of anguish!

What I actually originally meant when I said it was this: the people who are very strenuous about the fact that they don't fit in, well, #1 there seem to be way more of them than there are of any other type of people, and #2, they make me feel like some kind of a FREAK for fitting in!

Because I'm completely accepted as normal within most settings! At least, well I don't know, maybe people have gotten used to me. But guess what, I'm only just myself every where I go, and if it's just that they got used to me, I still do fit in.

I mean, what is it with the Excluded Peoples Parade that runs over me every day, shod so rough. Am I the only self-identified non-noncomformist in the world?

dogimo said...

OK, I went to take the 'innuendo' label out. And I decided I can't. Because as true as it is that the real point of the quote was about alienation, and the strange ways in which reaction against can also become a force to alienate and exclude, the fact remains that, well...

I've noticed a lot of people who feel like they don't fit in are pretty sexy. So the second meaning is kind of true, even if unintended originally. I can't disavow it.

Wait. Have I ever even met a woman who said she feels like she fits in?

I can't be the only one who fits in, people. Let's get together on this. Some of you people out there who feel you fit in - how about being a little more transparent about that, huh?

What we need is a support group. The Fitty-Innies. And a sister group for the Sticky-Outies.