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Sunday, September 23, 2018

How Can We Be So Sure #9: Pumpkin Spice

What I don't get is, pumpkins aren't spicy. Not even remotely. So what part of the plant does the "spice" come from? The vines? The leaves? The roots? Do they even have roots?

I think at the bottom of it all we'll find that so-called "pumpkin spice" is derived from utterly unpumpkinal - and possibly even unautumnal sources!

It should be looked into. But nobody benefits by looking into these things. As usual, its a hegemony of the status quo riding herd on a gaggle of vested interests to keep change confused, divided and unfocused.


Mel said...

Probably comes from squash.

VEG said...

Yeah if your pumpkin is spicy something's gone horribly wrong. Also, I might be the only person in the Americas who doesn't like pumpkin flavored things, including the PSL. I feel shunned. An outcast. A blight on society. Seriously.

I like pumpkin lanterns though!

VEG said...

Also, Pumpkin Spice sounds like the missing fifth Spice Girl, the one who got too plump and couldn't do the dance moves anymore. Plumpkin!

dogimo said...

You make a very good point, Veg: it's time for a Spice Girls reboot. It could be a reboot AND comeback: a brand new next-gen Girl Power squad of crack commandoes with all-new names and personae to suit their individualities, plus the ORIGINAL Spice rack comin' back to mentor and defend. Joint sponsored by Pepsi and Old Spice.

dogimo said...


I couldn't think of anything good to say to that. But it was worth a complementary eye roll.