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Friday, September 25, 2009

None More Random Pt.6

Changing out the Top 9 of All Time!

A little less random this time. For some reason the random button kept wanting to pick ones that had already been featured! Screw that. So I went back to the old way.

More hand-picked at random, by random clicking around (AKA "the old way"):
BEEF! The New Chicken!
To Cheer Up
Traveling Pants 3: Enter The Brotherhood
Eerie Tales of the Night Garden
Cat Nicknames Pt.1: Frank & Noonie
For Too Long Have I Underappreciated The Dutch
Thought of the Day, Lightly Compromised
Doodeloo #12 (grinchmonkey)
IMDB Plot Keywords for Taken Pt.9
Tina Fey Is Hot Pt.2
Piss Off, Asimov!
Man, I wish I had saved my original Top 9 of All Time. I feel like that one was the best. It had 10 Cool Things To Do on it, and The ACLU Van.

I won't say quality has fallen off since then, but it has. Big time.

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