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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

National Pie Day! This Coming Saturday, Jan. 23rd!

Holy crap!

No wait, I mean -

Holy pie! Thanks to Elliott at Cheesehead Displacement Syndrome for the timely reminder that this coming Saturday is NATIONAL PIE DAY!

I love pie. I am going to plan my whole day around pie! I am going to eat nothing all day that day except pie. I will have pie for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and between-meal snacks!

Who knows, maybe I'll even break out the cutting board and pie pan, roll out the Crisco, and whip up my famous light-as-a-wisp-crisp-crust Pickle N' Onion Pie! Sweet hunks and chunks of gherkin. Tart fucking cocktail onions. Greenish-gray sugar-sauce.

Set that bad boy on the windowsill to cool.

If like me, you'd like to read more about National Pie Day, then click on this link!


I'm about to click on it now, and go have a read-through myself. Hey wouldn't it be weird if we're both reading it at the same time? That's some kind of digital coincidence!

Now everybody, when you're done reading, I urge you: go make pie-based plans. Big day coming up.


Anonymous said...


I believe this holiday was invented just for me. OK, it's not a holiday, per se, but it should be.

Talking of pie, I got possibly the best caramel apple pie ever baked on Saturday. I'm not even kidding. The best. I don't even eat pie that often but that pie won my heart. PIE. PIE! pie CHARTS count? I love pie charts.

dogimo said...

I'd say so.

Elliott said...

National Pie Day IS a holiday! Just because Hallmark doesn't sell cards doesn't mean it's not.

If there's a reason for a holiday, it's something meaningful, like pie or bacon, or creepy pagan rituals. 'Selling more cards in the slow months' is NOT justification for a holiday. I'm looking at you, Sweetest's Day!