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Friday, October 11, 2013

(I keep wavering between Three and) Four Invincible Principles of Absurd-Degree Sincerity

You know, all day long I do my usual thing - a jarring mix of the Utterly Absurd (and no way to take it otherwise) and the Utterly Sincere (and no real way to dispute the denotative content of the sentiments advanced, which are generally obvious goods and needs), with very few sentences or statements hitting in the middle of either of those two poles. If I go spoken word, tone of voice keeps everyone on top of the mix without much if any confusion. There's no tone of voice in written word, but I believe I do as strong if not a stronger job of making it plain in writing which statement is Absurd, and which statement is Sincere.

But in case anyone ever has a doubt, these principles are mine:

1. Assume a commonality of interest.
2. Believe the other person may be sincere.
3. Accept that the least objectionable motive or interpretation may be the actual motive or interpretation.
4. Ask sincere questions only.

A sincere question is one where you are willing to hear more than your own answer.

The above are purely my own principles. They are not virtue but pure personal preference, own comfort zone, not for pushing on others. Still, if anyone is ever in any doubt as to whether or what I mean - on anything, anything at all that I've said, stated, asked - I'm always happy to take ANY question. Quote the questionable part and ask, and let the above four points ground your attitude soundly in where I'm at, where I'm coming from, and where I will be answering you from.

You do the world and yourself a favor when you assume the possibility of the best. Cynicism: if it doesn't kill you, it will make you very weak. Worse, your cynicism, which is your assumption that ill-earnest is the norm, is also your blessing upon every single individual who lives and acts in ill-earnest. Hypocrites, the insincere, the corrupt - each of these is positively thrilled that chumps like you, self-congratulatory cynics, all go your jaded, superior "can't fool me" way calling corruption, hypocrisy, and insincerity the norm.

Your cynicism does nothing to protect you from the corrupt, the hypocritical, the insincere. It does however excuse their attitudes and acts.

Consider whether I am naive, when I say this.

Saturday, October 05, 2013

skit b. "Overreacts in Ringing Tones of Oratory to Sulphurous Odor in the Washroom after Too Much Dungeons & Dragons Playing as a Paladin the Night Before (Age 12)"


"A stench of brimstone."

"Why, I fear some foul majick has transpired! Some loathsome spell-ceremony, of finding, or binding, or conjuration, or dwimmering, may hast been enacted in this seeming-foul chamber! The signs are plain to be smelt upin mine nostrils!"

Pause, ostensibly for effect.

"Oh woe! That should such diabolical rite mayhaps hath been enacted to the detriment or besmirchment even of some blameless, innocent, captured captive virgin's very virginity! As hast been oftimes aforetimes seen, in such lamentable cases! Wherever the dark, black, eldritch taint and trace of an occult hand hast been betrayed into the light - oh, bright bastions of goodness and pure light, let it not be so that it hath been so here!"

"Mercy, I cry! Dear kindness, have mercy and spare us the stain of demon doings! Spare us the blot and splurt of devilish ichors and the hideous spectacle of be-horned, be-fanged monstrosities sporting upon the nether hind buttocks and other unspeakable tender parts of our poor and defenseless innocent virgins! WON'T SOME ONE THINK OF THE VIRGINS??"

At or about this point I began to get my ass kicked by the dude who'd created the stink in question. Now considering he was one of my stalwart crew of adventurers, you'd think he could have simply played along but no - he had to break character.

An undisciplined hack, that guy. Some barbarian, can't even take a little ribbing about smelly yet otherwise perfectly ordinary and unshameful bodily matters. Either that or maybe he was a virgin, and thought I was kidding him on that topic. Hm.

I'd say it's a pretty safe bet that we were both virgins. So, unlikely that was the source of ire.

Friday, October 04, 2013

Once I get started on party ideas!

Once I get started on party ideas, some of my ideas are horrid and others would work pretty well! When planning a party, it's great to get creative, and not as good to get too creative. Having some sense to step back and consider likely outcomes helps. For example, you might think "why not try having a severed human hand lying on the buffet table, at the end in the corner?" Don't. People will freak out, call the cops - your party will be pretty much ruined.

Instead, put napkins there! Perfect touch.

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Quote of the day: ambitions towards brevity.

That title should have more cleverly been "ambitions towards concision." And now without further adieu, the quote:

"I've been meaning to experiment with brevity for years."

A maxim for me, as has been observed.

"Hard to get ahold of, easy to work with."

Only OK?

How am I doing, I'm doing OK! "Just OK?" "Not great?"

Correct! You're goddamn right not great. I'm doing o.k. I don't have to be "doing great." I am great.

I am great at rest.

So cut yourself some slack some time, why don't you huh? When you already are great, you don't have to be doing it. Not all the time, at least. Sheesh!

I'm doing okay. For me.

And how are you?

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Well, What's The Good of Having a Point?

Well, what's the good of having a point? There's no reason to have a point, any more than there is to having a reason. Do you find meaning in such things? To me, it defeats the purpose.

I mean, if you already do happen to have a point, fine - no harm in that. Some find a point or two along the way adds poignancy, piquancy to life! And any time you find you do happen to have a point, that's fine. Just watch out where you stick the sharp end, and you'll be okay. But if you find yourself without one, well, who needs it? If there's no point, well, so be it. There's no point to having one where there isn't one - and no sense making some big search for one, either.

People go through life bristling with all these meaningless points that they pick up, hither and yon like compulsive point collectors. For what? What for? I guess they think it puts them ahead.

Well, maybe in some bizarre game that keeps score using points, it would.