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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

That Word You Used Does Not Define Me

I was just thinking. I'm proud of who and what I specifically am. Adjectives? COOL. That's what a label is I believe. Generally, it's an adjective? And the converse as well: an adjective is a label. I take 'em all, each and all, case by case - fill up a case and ship me the labels! If they apply literally, I'll slap the patch on my sash and flaunt it as if it had merit. If they apply to me only questionably, I'll question, and we'll come as close to understanding each other as is pleasurable and convenient. If it's intended as an insult, I'll thank you for the compliment! It was after all, nice of you to notice, and I have to believe you spoke because you felt it was important that I hear. That shows class, and I respond with gratitude and humility. You compliment me! But if you clarify "no, what I just called you means you're dumb/weak/something wrong with you," well I'll clarify, as you didn't seem to get the point: I'm happy to do you the favor of showing you how mighty that weak thing you called me really is.

Next time, you'll use the word properly! In consideration of the fact that you met one once, and it turned out these people-so-called aren't all as pejorative as you'd been led to believe, by all those glamorous and ignorant rumors.

What's the problem with every label that touches me? Even just a bit! However slight, a kiss, a hit, a hit - if it's a hit I do confess it. You can't run me through with one of those things. What's all the indignation over? "You can't define me!" No duh, my sun! You can't define ANY one. You just noticed that now? You can't definite a person except with a 1:1 fit, because when it comes to people, we are none of us synonyms. If you look in the dictionary under you, you will not see me.

Perhaps the closest you could come to defining a person is to read out their full and unabridged name. And guess what: they make that name and live what it means into being. They wrote the definition. Not you. So no, you can't "define me."

Yet so what? When every word you use fits perfect square. When each descriptive word you pick hits dead-center apt, describing some aspect that I do in fact have. It's not impressive. We have an infinite quiverful of wonderful words, straight sharp shafts to fit to the strings of our tongues and let fly. And guess what? The words apply. They apply to you. When the apt word is chosen and the aim is true, yes. That label in fact pertains to you. And the labels you apply to me do too! Wonderful of you! Thanks again for noticing - my attributes and traits, and for putting to them one of the various well-honed, fit and fitting names we use for things like that. For shades that hair color, or swoops of bone structure, or graces of motion, or ever-so-barely-noticed degrees of eyebrow raise. You nailed it! Got me with an adjective. And it's so me. I think I'll keep it.

I am that.

Let's go celebrate, shall we? Because now that we agree, have I got a few choice words for you!

And believe me you won't mind much if at all. It's ribbons and medals all around, as far as I'm concerned - this or that bright colored swatch that flaps on one's breast and states what state we happen to achieve, or what classification fits us scientifically, or how others have expertly-assessed our artistry, as we backflip, stick the landing, curtsy and put a bow on it. Ribbons all around! Pin it on, pin it on pin it on me.

Every label you'd care to apply. That's just a bright, colored ribbon at the All-Species State Fair.

Although guess what? I was wrong. You can define me. Quite easily, in fact! But it's going to take a lot of pretty ribbons.

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